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Get Paid to Write for Us

Would you love to get paid to write about a topic you love? We’re currently looking for real estate writers who share our passion for delivering the best quality content and in-depth expert knowledge. Topics we provide content about include: real estate training (including our signature step-by-step how-to guides), selling all kinds of real estate (including residential, commercial and investment properties as well as land and specialist properties), career guidance, real estate trends and news, real estate investing, case studies, real estate history and much more. No previous real estate writing experience is required, but we are looking for writers who have an intimate knowledge of the industry. Whether you’re a new agent who wants to share your unique experiences, a veteran of many sales and tales, or a freelance writer looking for a great community to contribute to, Real Estate Career Central is the place!

High Pay Writing

9229-a-hundred-dollar-bill-isolated-on-a-white-background-or cropWe abhor low-paying “content farms” and very much believe that you get what you pay for. We know that our greatest asset is the great people we’ve been privileged to discuss real estate topics with on this website. We offer substantially higher pay than most other websites, including an advance payment to you from us if you are writing a series of articles or blog post that requires extensive research.

No Time Deadlines

16762-illustration-of-a-clock-orWe understand how busy most real estate professionals are, as well as how busy most freelance writers are, so we offer a completely flexible way to write for us: just send us your content whenever you have it ready. It couldn’t be simpler. We’re well aware that the last thing you need is another deadline to meet! We review content quickly and your all work has our Writer’s Payment Guarantee.

Become a Regular Writer

15986-female-hands-typing-on-a-laptop-keyboard-or cropIf you’re looking to become a regular writer, contact us directly and we’ll send you our writer’s guidelines (don’t worry, we don’t have a long and tediously boring list of rules like many websites do). We’ll send you the topics we are currently looking for articles and posts about, as well as the basic structure and form. If you specialize in a certain field then by all means tell us about the topics you are interested in writing about.

Contact Us About Writing for Us

To contact us about writing for us, just fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (generally within 1-2 business days). We hope this is the beginning of a long and profitable relationship between us! We’ll provide you with our writing agreement, payment information and our writing guidelines (we’re not terribly picky or financially about grammar, we just want to make sure the content is appropriate and uses correct grammar and syntax).


Typically, our writers send us their finished articles and posts via email or upload them to Google Drive (as a .pdf, .doc or .odt file) for us to review them. Most of the work from our writers requires very few or no changes at all. We usually provide relevant stock images from our extensive collection but if there’s a specific image you want as part of your article or post then please let us know beforehand.


If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor, please use the contact form to tell us so we can send your our writing guidelines. Although we aim to provide very professional content, we’re a very informal team and are always looking for knowledgable people to collaborate with.



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