Top 5 Marketing Tools of New Age Real Estate Agent


Top 5 Marketing Tools of New Age Real Estate Agent

It takes merely a fortnight for a new discovery to become outdated in the modern commercial scenario. Marketing tools for any business are undergoing the same changes. You apply one today, the same becomes expired when a new marketing expert launches a latest idea.

Staying in the trend is a topmost priority for any new age real estate agent to affirm his presence on the minds of the buyers.

“As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”

Even before stepping in the arena of real estate, an agent has to plant the right seeds of promotion. Only then the appropriate audience will know about you and your services.

In this internet age, people are spending most of their time online so naturally you should also be spending most of your marketing efforts online. In this technology age, here are the top 5 marketing tools for a Real Estate Agent:

  1. Social Media

It is one of the most viral marketing tools in the contemporary business era. Due to the increasing presence of the audience on social media every day, promotion of real estate agency on the same platform is a fruitful strategy.

In case, you want to contact a person or an organization one to one, Linkedin is your best source for generating B2B leads.

Whereas, if you want to promote yourself or your brand to many people (B2C), you should leverage Facebook and Twitter. You can also target other social media platforms like Google+ if you want to target a particular interest group. Home improvement section also gets great traction on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

With the help of Groups, Open Discussions, Communities, Pages, and Campaigns, you can easily generate many qualified leads for free.

  1. Building Your Own Website

As a real estate agent, if you don’t have a website yet, then this should be your number one investment priority this year. In this internet era, your website is your brand. Assuming that you have invested in a website, you should update it continuously with latest listings and latest news in your locality or area of operation.

Today every buyer wants to know their realtor beforehand. You can showcase your expertise on your website. If you can educate your prospective buyer, you have already gained half his trust. You can do that by writing rich and well-researched content on your website or real estate blog. Also, when a visitor comes on your website, you should not make him leave after gathering information for free. Provide an option on your website for him to subscribe to your email newsletter. As they say that money is in the list. As a Real Estate Agent, nobody knows this better than you. So, start building your email list today.

Although, a little basic, don’t forget to provide your contact details (email and phone no.) right on the home page so that the visitor doesn’t have to sift through pages to find your contact list.

  1. Informative Videos

To help the audience connect better with you take the help of explanatory videos. You can upload these on Youtube and embed relevant videos on your website pages. If a picture speaks thousand words, then a video speaks a million. It is much easier to gain trust of audience through videos than any other medium online. Videos will help your buyer understand that you are the master of your realm.

  1. Online Reputation

Your buyers appreciate authentic reviews on websites and other social media platforms. Ask your clients to write testimonials on your website when they appreciate your work.

You can always select the best clients over your list and request them to post testimonials on your website or social media sites like Facebook, Quora, Google Reviews etc.

People tend to trust the recommended names more. Testimonials are a great way to gain trust of new clients who you have never met you before.

  1. Marketing with Mobile Devices

Today people are accessing internet more on mobile than desktops. So, it is important that you also shift your focus to mobile. Now, mobile can be used in different ways to reach out to your audience.

First, you should make your website mobile ready so that visitors can easily check out the content without having to scroll from left to right. A mobile-ready website adjusts itself to the screen size.

Next, you can form update your clients over SMS about various transaction details.

Then, if you have the budget and resources, you can also launch your own mobile app that your clients can download and get updates from you directly.

Now, today with so many marketing channels available, it can become overwhelming to promote your brand on each and every channel. If you have a small real estate agency, it would make more sense for you to focus on just one or two channels, do well in those and then slowly target other channels when you have more resources.

I hope you found this article useful. Are you using any or all of these tools? Which ones are working best for you? Please write your experience in the comments.

About the Author

Mukul Malik is a Real Estate Entrepreneur who likes writing about Real Estate, Finance and Digital Marketing. He runs a popular Real Estate Blog and lives in New Delhi, India.