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Take a look at the incredible resources we’ve collected for you to start and advance your career! No matter what your individual needs, Real Estate Career Central has the right tools for the job.Learn More…

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

canstockphoto4779349 crop houseOur comprehensive and candid guide includes everything you need to know to start your career as a real estate agent.

 Become a Real Estate Agent

Get Your License

canstockphoto2186570 crop name tagIncluded are online training courses and best practice tips to ace the exam and links to the best training schools in your area. You can also get information and training on advancing your career by becoming a Realtor.Get Your License

Recommended Reading

canstockphoto4739285 crop files IIWe’ve assembled the best list of books we know you’ll find helpful along your career journey. Also, we have provided you with best books on the subjects of real estate investing, personal finance, mental training and much more. See the Complete List

Find Real Estate Training Schools

canstockphoto3444027 crop folderWe’ve assembled a list of the best training schools in each state, and you can search for a school in your area using our map feature. You can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best training possible from one of our partners!Find a Training School


List of Real Estate Associations

canstockphoto4779349 crop diplomaA complete list of real estate associations all across the US that you can join to further your career and network with other real estate professionals.

Real Estate Associations

List of Property Search Websites

canstockphoto4779349 crop map IIIn today’s tech-obsessed world, these are invaluable resources for listing properties and generating leads, as well as for market research and searching for investment properties.Property Search Websites

Major US Real Estate Brokerage Companies

canstockphoto4779349 crop for sale signThese are the big players in the business, the well-known brand names that employ a huge number of real estate professionals and have franchises all across the country.Brokerage Companies

List of Real Estate Blogs and News Websites

canstockphoto4773173 crop computerIt goes without saying that keeping up with local and nationwide real estate news is essential for all real estate professionals. We’ve created a list of the best news sites and blogs.Blogs and News Websites

Websites for Real Estate Investors

canstockphoto4739285 crop board moneyWe haven’t left out real estate investors! Here we’ve complied a list of the best real estate websites and blogs for investors, some of which go beyond just real estate and discuss accounting, tax and much more.Sites For Investors

Find Real Estate Career Opportunities

canstockphoto4739285 crop name cardHere you can browse available positions all across the country from one convenient location. We don’t just feature the large companies, we also have listings from the smaller firms as well.Jobs and Careers

Find a Real Estate Agent

canstockphoto5910284 crop magnifying glassAre you looking for agents or a specific agent in a particular area? This section of our site features some of the most prominent real estate professionals in their areas.Find an Agent

Real Estate Career Central App

canstockphoto5910284 crop smartphoneTake us with you wherever you go! Our app is an invaluable tool, available at your fingertips 24/7. After all, all this knowledge is only useful it it’s applied “out in the field”!Our App

Browse Our Extensive Archives

canstockphoto4773173 crop calendarBrowse our archive or articles, you never know what pearls of wisdom you might find buried deep in the bowels of our website!Browse Our Archives

Join Our Community

canstockphoto4773173 crop bubblesOur ever-growing community of real estate professionals, investors and enthusiasts will help to answer any questions you may have.Our Forums

We are a dedicated team of writers who want to create the best website for real estate professionals on the web. Working as a real estate professional can be a highly rewarding lifestyle, and Real Estate Career Central is the number one online resource for real estate professionals.

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