List of Real Estate and Property Search Websites

Zillow Logo 1With more than 110 million properties in its database, is one of the largest online real estate websites, frequently used by home buyers and real estate investors to find properties. It allows searchers to find both properties for sale and properties that aren’t currently for sale, their estimated value, ariel views, previous sale history and much more. Properties on Zillow that are currently for sale generally have detailed MLS information and agent photos, giving home searchers access to huge amounts of detailed information for free. With millions of monthly views, Zillow is an invaluable resource for real estate professionals to get leads and potential clients.

Zillow offers partnerships to allow real estate professionals to promote their business and control their listings. Also, Zillow has some great tools for your real estate website, including some great widgets (to display listings, property search boxes, contact forms, statistics, mortgage rates, and payment calculators), site badges to inspire confidence in clients, property valuation and mortgage data, and an affiliate program to earn revenue.

On Zillow, in some cities more than 90% of all homes that exist have been viewed (including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle), meaning that for a real estate professional, if you aren’t on Zillow, you’re missing our on a huge number of potential clients and ultimately a huge number of sales.Go to

Trulia Logo 2Trulia is an online residential real estate website used by home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals. Turlia has one of the largest online databases of properties in the US, as well as the tools and information about properties and neighborhoods. With Trulia’s Business Solutions, agents can claim and manage existing listings, send stats and information to their sellers, receive messages from prospective clients directly from the listing page of properties, and upload new listings for free. Agents can create local ads and mobile ads to find leads and clients, as well as receive mobile notifications from prospective clients with Trulia’s free Agent app. Also, Trulia makes it easy to create a Trulia Pro profile which gives agents a Pro Membership Badge to stand out everywhere they appear on Trulia, Lead Alerts to receive a text message or phone call when they receive a lead, the ability to listen to messages, calls, and manage leads all in one place using a personal Trulia phone number, and Lead Insight to easily identify serious buyers with additional lead info.

For website owners, Trulia’s Publisher Platfom allows gives a website’s audience the ability to find homes for sale nationwide with a variety of widgets. Built on Trulia’s innovative search technology and award-winning user interface, Trulia’s Publisher Platfom generates revenue for website owners, is free to use and includes useful online tools like local real estate statistics and trends.
Go to (a website of the National Association of Realtors) is a property search website that primarily focuses on residential property, including homes, apartments, and condos. Operating since 1995, is one of the largest property searching websites used by home buyers and renters to find places to live. With over 40 million users per month, and is an invaluable tool for Realtors to reach potential clients. displays home listings from more than 800 MLS listings across the U.S., (which is a database over 4 million properties available for sale or rent). Approximately 80% of all listings found on are updated every 15 minutes and the remainder are updated every one to 24 hours. This provides consumers with the freshest listing information and content available online.
Go to Logo is on of the largest property database website, ranking fourth in the US by search volume. also provides marketing and multimedia real estate services real, including brand advertising, property listing syndication, agent reputation management and lead generation. Users have advanced filters to search by features, price, property type and location. Also, users can research neighborhoods and area home values, property details and local demographics. Needless to say, as a real estate professional, if your listings and your contact details aren’t on a property search website as enormous as, you’re missing out on a huge amount of traffic, potential clients and ultimately commissions. Agents can easily post their profile on and make sure that their brokerage’s listings are visible to potential buyers and renters.
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Redfin Logo 2Redfin is a real estate company that specializes in residential properties. Redfin’s website is a large online database which, unlike many other real estate database, also provides brokerage services. Founded in 2004, Redfin first launched its home buying and home selling website in 2006. Unlike the other major real estate web databases, which which earn most of their revenue from advertising and lead generation, Redfin offers a full service brokerage service from property buyers and sellers.

Redfin employs its agents directly and pays them a fixed salary, unlike the commission-based payment structure most real estate agents are paid. Additionally, Redfin’s agents are paid a bonus based on the satisfaction of their customers. Redfin’s agents receive a rating after every transaction, and all their reviews are posted on the Redfin under the agent’s online profiles. Property buyers are offered a refund on a portion of an agent’s fees, allowing buyers to save money on purchases.

Redfin was also an early pioneer of map-based real estate searching on its website, long before the introduction of Google Maps or Microsoft’s Bing Maps.
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These are just a few of the largest real estate property search websites. Individual brokerage companies generally feature only their own and their affiliates’ listings. You can search for properties in specific areas by finding out who are the largest and most reputable real estate brokerage companies in that are.

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