How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Georgia



So, you want to be a real estate professional in the peach state? Congratulations, you’ve chosen a great new career path! Real estate sales can be incredibly rewarding and can lead to many different, and often unexpected, paths (for example, have you ever thought of getting into commercial real estate development, or fixing old properties to rent out?).

But to get started in your new profession, you’ll need to take the required training courses, pass the exam and pay for your license. Remember that being a real estate agent is not so much a job where you just follow your bosses instructions – real estate sales professionals, like all salespeople, are essential a self-employed and almost entirely responsible for their own destiny.

To get you started in your new career, here are the basic steps you need to take to get your license.

According to the Georgia Real Estate Commission, there are six requirements for obtaining a real estate license in Georgia:

  1. No more than 60 days prior to making application for a license approval, each candidate must, at his/her own expense, must obtain a certified criminal history report (GCIC).
  2. The Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraiser’s Board must verify the criminal history record of all applicants.
  3. In addition to being a high school graduate or obtaining a certificate of equivalency, the applicant must complete specific real estate related education.
  4. If you have ever held a real estate license in a state other than Georgia, you MUST attach a certification of your license history from the state in which you met the education, examination and experience requirements for licensure with your application. The license history must be less than one year old and it must show “active” time or dates.
  5. Applicants for all types of real estate licenses must take and successfully pass a qualifying examination prior to license approval.
  6. Once your application to sit for the examination has been approved and you have successfully completed the examination, you are eligible to receive your license on the same day you pass the examination. The cost to receive a license is $170.00 if you obtain it within 90 days of taking the exam. The fee increases to $340.00 if you obtain you license between 90 days and 12 months. If you fail to apply for your license within 12 months, you must retake the examination to qualify for licensure.