How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Connecticut



If you live in the state of Connecticut and are interested in becoming a real estate agent, then you’ve come to the right place. You may be wondering what the requirements are in order to become a real estate agent in the state of CT, or if there are any formal requirements at all! Real estate brokers must be licensed in the state they work in, and the specific requirements are different for every state.

Below are the requirements for becoming a real estate agent in the state of Connecticut.

Educational Requirement:
60 Hour Real Estate Principles and Practices*
(*60 Hours In-Class Instruction / 70% School’s Final Exam)

State Examination:
(Administered by an Independent Testing Service)
General Examination (Given in All States, 70% Minimum)
State Examination  (State Specific, 70% Minimum)

Previous Real Estate Sales Experience:

Other Basic Requirements:
18 Years of Age or Older
Broker Sponsorship is Not Required To Take State Exam


The Connecticut Real Estate Institute sets the requirements for new real estate agents. Please note that the exact details may change from time to time. As of March 2016, these are the requirements.

In order to become a real estate professional you will have to take the required training courses and pass the exam, but that’s only the beginning. The next step is to find a good brokerage company to work for and start your career! A good team at a brokerage firm will take you under their wing and help you get your career started off on the right track. Having a good and helpful office culture at your brokerage company can make all the difference between successfully making the transition to your new career or feeling frustrated at the new challenges you will inevitably face.

Don’t be worried about starting your new career, most agents find the first few months difficult (even overwhelming). Just remember that being a real estate agent is like being self-employed, so you should treat your new profession as your own business – you are your own personal sales corporation.

Also, Connecticut is a “sister” state with many others, meaning the real estate agents can transfer their license to those “sister” states if they decide to move there. This is very convenient if you plan to move to another state in the future and will save you having to go and take another training course and pass a different exam in a different state.