A Word to the Wise

canstockphoto18520164To obtain a license to sell real estate requires taking a state-specific course and passing an exam, and does not require a college diploma or degree. However, this certainly does not mean that it is an easy career to begin and to achieve a substantial income from. This particular career choice presents tremendous opportunities and the potential for a long, successful and highly fulfilling career, but the truth is that many new agents do not last long in the field. The field has long been known to be highly competitive, and the number of newly licensed professionals who dropout within their first few years is alarmingly high. This can largely largely be attributed to misinformation and a lack of research and preparation on their part.

Many new licensees have unrealistic exceptions and have made inaccurate assumptions about what their careers will involve and what it takes to succeed in the long term. For many years, becoming a real estate agent was regarded as a quick way to make easy money by many people without a degree or any specialized skills, which it most certainly isn’t. Unfortunately, this myth has stuck around far longer than it should, and has given many aspiring and hopeful novices the wrong impression of what is really involved in the work.

Achieving genuine success in the business, just like becoming successful in any career, requires hard work, practice, patience, learning new skills and brushing up on some old ones, and some personal sacrifice in the beginning years. Rest assured that the sacrifices you make of your time and energy will pay for itself many times over as you watch your career take off and skyrocket!

The more information and real-world examples you have about the work and the more advice you have from experienced professionals, the more likely you are to achieve success in your career, earn and maintain a high level of income and derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from. The more research and preparation you have done before you start your training, the more likely you are to prosper in your career while others who haven’t done the same amount of work you have don’t.

If you have done your research, know what to expect and are fully prepared for the inevitable challenges that you will face as along the way, you’ll have a major (make that an enormous) advantage over other aspiring students and you will feel confident that you can make your work not just a livelihood, but a highly rewarding long-term success. As will all endeavors in life great and small, you get back what you put in. If you are prepared to put in the work and are completely committed to making your career a success, the chances are very high that you will achieve huge success.

For more details and statistics on the US brokerage industry, you can take a look at this excellent article from the National Association of Realtors®: http://www.Realtor.org/field-guides/field-guide-to-quick-real-estate-statistics